Why Does My Car Ride Feel So Bouncy?

After driving your vehicle for years and years, you should know by heart how it drives on a regular basis. That means that anything weird and unusual should stick out. For example, when you notice that your car bounces excessively, it means that there’s definitely a problem. Bounciness or shakiness can be attributed to various automotive problems, from the power steering system to bad tires to worn suspension. Luckily, you can count on the vehicle experts at Grand Garage to get down to the bottom of the problem.



Struts, shock absorbers, and even ball joints are key parts of your vehicle’s suspension that play a key role in stabilizing your vehicle. Therefore, most auto technicians don’t think twice to inspect these parts when your car is feeling bouncy. Worn-out shocks and struts cause the car to shake and bounce, resulting in an unpleasant and bumpy ride. At Grand Garage, we can replace your worn suspension parts to get rid of the symptom.



Another part of your car that may result in excessive bouncing and jarring when driving is incorrect wheel alignment. Furthermore, underinflated tires can also cause this symptom. Your tires can develop blisters and bulges in places where treads are bad. As time goes by, you'll start to experience some bouncing, and that can present many dangerous hazards.



A vehicle’s steering system allows you to maneuver the car and make turns around corners. In simple terms, it promotes proper vehicle handling and stability while driving on the road. When you notice unusual bouncing when you drive your automobile, one likely culprit is the power steering system. 


Grand Garage is the top trusted automotive repair shop in Escondido, CA. Have confidence that we will get rid of your vehicle’s excessive bounce. If you need vehicle suspension repair, tire services, or power steering repair, please do not hesitate to give Grand Garage today. 

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