Why Does California Require Smog Checks?

California is known for many things: The "Golden State", beaches, Hollywood, Disneyland, and more. It's also the state with the largest population in America, and the reality of it is that California is also the most polluted state in the country. California requires a smog check for almost all registered vehicles to protect the environment and minimize harmful emissions. Clean air is often taken for granted, and everyone should do their part so that we can share it with those after us.


The Smog Check Program has been proven to show positive results. The program has dramatically reduced air pollution. Emissions testing is meant to distinguish cars with excess emissions and make the necessary repairs to limit them. If you reside in Escondido, CA, passing a smog test is essential to register your car, SUV, or truck. 

What Vehicles Require a Smog Check?

According to the state's law, all gasoline-powered vehicles, alternative fuel vehicles, or hybrid vehicles manufactured in 1976 or after need to pass the smog check. Furthermore, vehicle owners should get the test every TWO years. There are certain exceptions to the rule for automobiles that are 8 model years or newer. Motorcycles and electric-powered vehicles are also barred from the Smog Check Program. Besides these exemptions, you have no reason to neglect emissions testing. They are relatively quick and usually last for only 30 minutes.


Tips on How to Pass a Smog Test

  • Make Sure Your Car is Running Right
  • Use Fuel Additives
  • Take a Test Drive and Warm Up Your Car Beforehand 
  • Change Your Oil
  • Ensure Your Tires Are Properly Inflated
  • Repair Check Engine Light (ON = Immediate Failure)
  • Get a Pre-Inspection and/or Tune-Up in Advance

If you fail the test for any reason, you will need to perform the specified repairs to register or renew your vehicle registration. 


If you are a California resident that requires a smog check soon, please consider bringing it to Grand Garage. From the second you walk through our shop doors until you leave satisfied with the results, our technicians aim to provide the best service to you and your vehicle. Please call Grand Garage at (760) 300-1309 or book an appointment online with us today! 


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