When Should You Change the Transmission Fluid?

Transmission FluidIf you haven't been changing the transmission fluid as frequently as recommended by your car's manufacturer, you might have noticed that the transmission slips - and the heat indicator light is always almost on. This is because proper and adequate lubrication reduces wear, tear, and grinding caused by friction and heat from the gears and other moving parts of your transmission system.

The transmission fluid is as critical to a car as blood is to humans. It lubricates the transmission system's internal components, helping it transfer power to the wheels to run smoothly. If you notice a puddle of red/burnt-red fluid beneath your car; it indicates that the transmission system is leaking, and you need to get it sealed. Unfortunately, only a handful of car owners adhere to the recommended transmission fluid maintenance routine.

In the past, that question was relatively straightforward and easy to answer because all it took an auto care technician was a dipstick and a piece of white paper. The mechanic would dip it in the transmission fluid reservoir and drop some of the oil on the paper. If it appeared brownish or smelled burnt, that warranted fluid change.

Still, the recommended interval for a transmission fluid change was between 30,000 and 50,000 miles, depending on your car and the type of transmission fluid used. However, if you frequently drove fully loaded or in steep or mountainous regions or towed, the transmission fluid overheated more. Therefore, the car owners were required to change the fluid more often.

Today, only a few automakers build vehicles with dipsticks. The sure way to know the recommended interval for your vehicle's transmission fluid change is to read the manufacturer's owner's manual or to bring your vehicle to the experts at Grand Garage.

Nearly all cars built today are equipped with automatic transmissions. If you have an automatic transmission system, you need to change the transmission fluid between 30,000 to 55,000 miles, but if you put your car into regular, intense use, it could be needed as soon as every 15,000 miles.

If you're looking for professional transmission maintenance and services, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Grand Garage today!

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