What Is the Difference Between Conventional, Semi-Synthetic, and Synthetic Oil?

Engine Oil

Oil changes are the most essential (and most frequent) maintenance service that every vehicle owner needs to have done. Motor oil plays a vital role in your engine by keeping your engine components lubricated and absorbing excess heat. Though all engine oil serves the same purpose, there are three varieties: conventional, semi-synthetic, and synthetic. At Grand Garage, our expert team can give you a comprehensive consultation and recommend the type of oil that is most suitable for your vehicle.

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is the most traditional and has been around for ages. This kind of motor oil is the most economical option, and it is recommended for older-model automobiles with simplistic engine designs. You can expect the change interval for traditional oil to be about 3,000 miles.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

Semi-synthetic oil is a blend of both synthetic and conventional motor oil. It has many of the characteristics and benefits of full synthetic oil but at a lower price point. With its additives, the synthetic oil blend can help resist oxidation and withstand high temperatures. Similar to traditional oil, you can expect to go approximately 3,000 miles before another change.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is a type of oil that is chemically engineered in a lab to be high-performing and consistent in the formulation. It is super effective at reducing friction and withstanding scorching heat. Its chemical properties can be advantageous to your vehicle by improving your fuel efficiency and increasing engine efficiency. Synthetic oil is widely used today and often recommended for cars that demand peak-level performance. Most drivers prefer synthetic oil due to its long-lasting properties; each change will last you approximately 5,000 miles before another service. Synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil. However, you could be saving money by less frequent oil changes, and you avoid engine trouble down the road. 

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