What Are the Warning Signs of a Worn Timing Belt?

Your vehicle’s engine fires at the right time to ensure smooth operation. The timing belt is a vital
component that plays a major role in ensuring the process of opening and closing the valves
is done synchronically. This rubber belt is so important, yet most car owners tend to ignore it
and forget to replace it before it is too late. Let the experts at Grand Garage take the stress off
your hands by inspecting and replacing your timing belt when it is due for a change.

What Are the Warning Signs of a Worn Timing Belt?

Unusual Engine Sounds

The belt is attached to various pulleys leading to the crankshaft. The crankshaft is responsible
for powering the connecting rods as the camshaft controls the cylinder head valves. Once your
timing belt starts to age, it interferes with combustion which may result in misfiring sounds.

Engine Won’t Turn Over

If you are experiencing issues with having your engine turn over, consider having your timing
belt checked. If the belt is worn or stretched, it may skip one or more teeth on the belt and
cause the engine to disengage.

Oil Leaks

When the timing belt is old or damaged, engine oil may seep over the cover that is covering the
timing belt. Some of the nuts and bolts may loosen. And eventually, the gasket between the
engine block and timing belt cover may wear out leading to larger problems.

Black Exhaust Fumes

An aging timing belt can cause an imbalance in fuel composition, resulting in excess fuel being
left unburnt. As a result, you may notice your car expelling black exhaust smoke.

Poor Appearance

If you see noticeable cracks or tears throughout the entire belt, it is a sign that your timing belt is
due for a replacement soon. You may also notice glazing on the rubber belt.

You must pay attention to your timing belt and its condition. When you repair your timing belt on
time, you are doing yourself a favor by avoiding engine damage and the headache of a potential
vehicle breakdown.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, please bring your car to Grand Garage In
Escondido, CA, for a quality timing belt replacement today!

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