What Are the Benefits of a Fuel System Cleaning?

Fuel System Cleaning

Though a fuel system cleaning is not needed nearly as frequently as an oil change or tire rotation, this type of service can be very advantageous for your vehicle. With usage over time, sediments can accumulate in the gas tank, fuel lines, fuel pump, and fuel injection system. Additionally, the fuel filter will also get dirty and clogged to the point of ineffectiveness in refining your fuel. These factors will all hinder your engine's performance and eventually cause significant problems.

Most specialists suggest a fuel system service every 30,000 miles, give or take, to maintain your fuel system and keep your engine healthy. A fuel system cleaning will typically include a complete flush and chemical cleaning of your fuel system, as well as the replacement of your fuel filter. Our expert team will inspect your fuel pump and fuel injectors closely and replace the parts if needed. Below are the top 3 benefits of getting a fuel system cleaning:

1. Improve Engine Performance

Your engine will indeed thank you for having the fuel system flushed and cleaned every once in a while. The fuel that flows to the motor will be cleaner, making the combustion process more seamless and efficient.

2. Better Fuel Economy

One difference that may pique your interest resulting from a fuel cleaning is better fuel economy. Since the engine will run more efficiently, you'll be using less gas. You may not notice a rapid increase in MPGs after a fuel system service, but a more efficient engine will surely save you some money at the pump over time. 

3. Preventative Measures

A fuel system cleaning is considered an essential "preventative maintenance" service. It helps inhibit performance problems and mechanical damage in the engine while keeping it running for a long time.

If you've noticed a drop in engine performance, you may be due for a fuel system service. We invite you to call us or visit our shop in Escondido, CA, today! At Grand Garage, you can always count on our professional and experienced technicians to provide high-quality work.

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