Top Signs That Your Vehicle Is Due For a Wheel Alignment Service

Car on Wheel Alignment Machine

The direction and the angle that your vehicle's tires point relative to each other and to the car's body are very important. If the alignment angle has been altered - may be due to daily usage, potholes, or mechanical failure - beyond the maker's specification, taking your car to a seasoned professional for wheel alignment becomes very important. 

6 Reason to Get A Wheel Alignment

  • To make sure your car drives in a straight line without adding unnecessary stress to the suspension components.
  • To avoid driving a car that is constantly pulling to one side.
  • To improve gas mileage.
  • To reduce uneven tire wear.
  • To achieve a smoother ride.
  • To ensure stability and responsive handling.

A wheel alignment issue is not something to be ignored. If left unresolved, it may lead to premature tire damage. In addition to struggling to keep your car traveling straight, tire misalignment can also lead to loss of proper traction and issues while turning. Driving a car with wheels that aren't properly aligned is a potential road hazard that needs immediate attention.

In addition to the aforementioned wheel alignment-related issues, look out for the following symptoms which are also an indication of misaligned wheels. 

Your Vehicles Steering Wheel is Off Center

If you are driving on a smooth, straight, and level road, your steering wheel should be at the dead center, While a bit of discrepancy may be expected from time to time (depending on the road surface), the logo at the wheel center should always remain level. If it appears crooked, it might be time to schedule a service at Grand Garage for a wheel alignment. 

Loose Steering

Loose or sloppy steering is downright dangerous. It interferes with your steering wheel's precision and reduces your car response time, which could definitely put your safety at risk on the road. In such a case, it is crucial that you pay for a visit to Grand Garage for a professional wheel alignment service.

If you've noticed something is off with your car's wheel alignment, the best thing to do is to take your car to a seasoned professional. Luckily our team of certified and highly qualified auto technicians is here to help you find a long-lasting solution. For a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and world-class customer experience, visit Grand Garage today!

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