Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs a New Water Pump

Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs a New Water Pump in Escondido, CA | Grand Garage

Your car's water pump is critical to the engine's cooling system. The water pump ensures coolant flows from the radiator to the engine to prevent overheating while operating the vehicle. The coolant traps heat from the engine and pushes it back to the radiator for cooling, and the process repeats. If the water pump stops working, the coolant will stop circulating, exposing your car engine and other components to overheating and other complications.

Here are common signs your vehicle needs a new water pump.

Sign #1: Coolant Leaks

A leaking water pump is one of the most common and evident indications of pump failures and a clear sign to replace it. Coolants are usually green, orange, or red to differentiate them from other liquids in your car. Finding colored coolant on the ground where you parked your vehicle is a sign of water pump damage. The pump can wear out, crack, or loosen, causing leakage outside the engine.

Sign #2: Engine Overheating

A worn-out or cracked water pump cannot circulate enough coolant through the engine, which will result in overheating. The hotter your vehicle's engine gets, the higher its chances of developing more severe damages, including damaged cylinders or cracked engine blocks. Visit a professional mechanic immediately after the engine light turns on because it is running too hot.

Sign #3: Whining Noises

If you hear rattling or high-pitched whining noises under your hood, it could be another sign your water pump could be dying. The harmonic buzzing may result from a loose pulley or belt that may cause more severe damage if left unchecked.

Sign #4: Rust or Corroded Water Pump

Adding a dirty or non-compatible engine coolant into the water pump may also erode the pump. Over time, mineral buildup and air seeping through the pressure cap may result in the water pump rusting and needing immediate replacement. A corroded or damaged water pump cannot operate effectively, exposing other components to strain and possible damage.

At Grand Garage in Escondido, CA, we’ve got you covered when replacing your water pump, repairing your radiator, or inspecting your cooling system. Our professional, highly experienced technicians will uncover any underlying issues and make sound repair decisions to get you back on the road. If you need a new water pump, we invite you to bring your vehicle into Grand Garage today!

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