How to Tell If Your Car Is Due for Brake Repairs

At Grand Garage in Escondido, CA, we believe that the braking system is one of your vehicle's
most essential safety components. Catching the signs of bad brakes can be scary, which is why
it's critical to have your brakes inspected and repaired as soon as you notice unusual behaviors
with your brakes. If you need some assistance, the team at Grand Garage, an Escondido auto repair shop, is here to lay out the top signs of worn brakes:

Why Are My Brakes Making a Squeaking or Grinding Noise?

One of the most common signs of brake problems is a squeaking or grinding noise when you
apply the brakes. The unnecessary noise may indicate that the brake pads are worn and must
be replaced.

Why Do I Have Vibration in My Brake Pedal?

If you feel a vibration in the brake pedal when you apply the brakes, it may indicate that the
brake rotors are warped or damaged. Neglecting to take care of this can lead to uneven wear on
the brake pads and decreased braking performance.

Why Is My Brake Pedal Soft or Spongy?

If the brake pedal feels soft or spongy when you apply the brakes, it may suggest that air is
trapped in the brake lines. Overall, you may feel a decrease in the effectiveness of the braking

What Is This Brake Warning Light?

Most modern vehicles have a warning light on the dashboard that indicates when there is a
problem with the braking system. If you detect the signal, please bring your car to Grand
Garage right away.

Why Does It Take Longer for My Vehicle to Stop?

If it generally takes longer for your vehicle to come to a stop when you apply the brakes, it
means that certain brake components are probably on their last leg. You could be experiencing
anything from worn brake pads to damaged brake rotors. Come by Grand Garage in Escondido
to find out!

At our auto repair shop, we offer comprehensive brake inspections and repairs to help keep you
and your family safer on the road. For the best brake repair and services in the Escondido area, please call (760) 300-1309 or visit our website to book an appointment today!

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