How to Minimize the Number of Trips to the Gas Pump

Gasoline prices seem to be a hot topic nowadays, as they have skyrocketed to ~$6 per gallon in the Escondido area! You may be wincing every time you pass by the station or flinching as you pay, but there are ways to minimize your cost of spending on gas. While changing your mode of transportation isn’t a realistic choice for every person, you can make changes to your driving style or purchase decision. Here are some of Grand Garage's top tips for saving money on gas:

Fill Your Tires

Driving with too little air in your tires is not only dangerous but it can cost you more money. So please make sure to regularly check your tire pressure and make the appropriate adjustments to match the recommended psi. You can find these exact numbers on the inside of the driver’s door. 

Avoid Idling

Idling burns more gas than you may think. An engine burns 1/4 to half a gallon of gas per hour when idling. Fortunately, most cars nowadays only need around 10 seconds to warm up the engine. And shut your engine off if you’re going to be stopped for more than a minute.

Slow It Down

According to AAA, fuel economy peaks at or around 50 mpg on most motor vehicles, and it will drop as you surpass that speed. You can reduce your gas mileage up to 14% by lowering your speed by 5-10 mpg on the highway. 

Scope Out Gas Prices

You can find any information with the tip of your fingers thanks to the Internet, including gas prices! For instance, the GasBuddy app can tell you the exact gas prices in your current or any specified location. With gas prices this high, it doesn’t hurt to shop around for the best price before paying. 

Enroll in Gas Rewards Program

Many well-known gas station brands and grocery store gas stations have special rewards programs that can save you tons of money. If you’re not signed up for these free programs, then what are you doing?

Don’t Skip Out on Maintenance

Last but not least, maintenance is key to achieving peak efficiency. If you follow your manufacturer's guidelines for oil changes, fluid services, and replacement of other parts, you’re bound to get the best possible MPG. 


If you’re looking for reliable auto services in Escondido, CA, look no further than Grand Garage. We can help you achieve the best fuel economy for your vehicle. Please call or schedule an appointment online with us today!

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