How Does the Summer Heat Damage My Car’s Battery?

Car Battery

If the California heat is affecting you, it is likely taking a toll on your car too. Contrary to popular belief, the high temperatures of summer have a more threatening impact on your car's battery than the low temperatures of winter. In order to really understand the damage of overheating your battery, you first need to know how your car battery works. 

More About Car Batteries

Your car's battery is an electrochemical mechanism made out of electrodes that store an electrical charge. A car’s battery stores acid and chemical reactions occur within the battery case to keep electricity flowing throughout the car. When the reaction occurs, it creates the charge needed to get your vehicle going and maintain power throughout your ride. 

Heat & Batteries

Heat can do multiple things to affect your battery's health negatively. The optimal temperature for a car battery is 80 degrees F, and whenever it exceeds that temperature, internal corrosion can occur. Additionally, hot weather can cause your battery acid to evaporate much quicker. The decline in acid can deteriorate the functionality of the battery, leading to the need for a replacement. To prevent wearing down your battery prematurely, we advise that you follow our tips to protect your car battery better this summer.

Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Battery

We understand it is impossible to control the summer heat, but here are some simple steps to ensure that your car’s battery stays protected:

  • Park your car in the shade or a garage. Keep it away from direct sunlight as much as possible. It will not only keep the interior cool but will also increase battery life.
  • Avoid taking too many short car trips. Shorter drives don't give the battery time to recharge, whereas longer driving time gives it more time to recover.
  • Keep the battery and battery posts clean. Too much buildup of dirt and debris can drain the battery, so wipe them with a clean cloth or paper towel regularly.
  • Have your battery examined by a professional during or at the start of the summer. We recommend bringing your car to our experts here at Grand Garage for a thorough inspection to ensure your battery is working correctly. Our certified team of mechanics can offer you the tailored advice to keep your car battery in tip-top shape for the California heat.

Ensuring that your vehicle stays protected this summer will help you prevent unexpected breakdowns. Here at Grand Garage, our professionals are available to inspect your car’s battery and other crucial components to verify that your car is ready to take on the summer heat. Give us a call for service or schedule an appointment online today!

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