5 Symptoms of Failing Spark Plugs


Spark plugs are necessary to ignite the air-fuel mixture that starts your motor’s internal combustion process. They are the unsung heroes in your automobile’s ignition system. Like other car components, spark plugs need servicing and replacing. Spark plug replacements are typically done as a part of tune-ups. 


You can count on the experts at Grand Garage to keep your spark plugs optimized for performance. But first, you should keep an eye out for the signs of faulty or worn spark plugs.

Car Starting Problems

When starting your car becomes difficult, it may be due to worn spark plugs. When the spark plug can’t sustain the ignition process, your car won’t stop. We recommended bringing your car to Grand Garage to have your spark plugs checked out.

Slow Acceleration

Weak acceleration in motor vehicles is typically linked to an error in the ignition system. A faulty spark plug can limit your acceleration power. Therefore, you should have a technician at Grand Garage check your spark plugs when you notice slow acceleration.

Lowered Fuel Economy

When your spark plugs work effectively, your car’s gasoline is burned efficiently to sustain the combustion process. On the other hand, a failing spark plug may cause you to burn more gas than needed since the ignition gap is larger or further apart.

Engine Misfires

In most automobiles today, a misfiring engine can be due to a number of reasons, including bad spark plugs. When the tip connected to the spark plug wire is in poor condition, misfiring occurs. You may hear a sputtering sound from the engine as a response. 

Check Engine Light On

Last but not least, bad spark plugs may trigger your onboard diagnostics system and the check engine light. When you see this yellow warning light come on your dashboard, it is best to go to Grand Garage for diagnostics testing.


When you experience engine or ignition troubles with your vehicle, turn to the experts at Grand Garage for help. Spark plug replacements are made quick, easy, and affordable at our auto repair shop. We invite you to call or visit our auto repair shop in Escondido, CA, today.

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