4 Reasons Why Your Tires Are Wearing Prematurely

Healthy, even tires are essential to your vehicle’s safety. While tires are expected to wear
naturally over time, they should wear evenly and not too quickly. There are various factors that
can affect how your tires wear. If you notice an unusual wear pattern on your tires, it is important
for you to find out what is causing the problem of wasting money later on.

What Causes Premature/Uneven Tire Wear?

1. Inadequate Air Pressure - At Grand Garage in Escondido, CA, we remind our
customers to check their tire pressure as often as possible. When your tire pressure
doesn’t meet the manufacturer’s recommended pressure range, your tires will wear out
sooner. Underinflated tires will wear down the outside edges of your tires at a faster rate.
Whereas, overinflated tires wear out the middle of your tires too much. With proper
inflation or psi, your tires will be exposed to an evenly distributed amount of pressure,
making tread wear more uniform across the tire surface.

2. Not Rotating Tires - Most cars are heavier in the front v. rear, causing the tires on one
end to wear quicker than the other. Therefore, you should rotate your tires at Grand
Garage to distribute the load and prevent the tires from wearing out quicker than the

3. Poor Wheel Alignment - With poor wheel alignment, the driving pressure is shifted and
not properly distributed. In other words, it can cause inner or outerwear.

4. Bad Suspension Parts - Worn shocks and struts can cause your ride to feel unstable
and bouncy. This can impact how your tires make contact with the road and cause them
to wear down quicker and unevenly.

You should always keep up with your vehicle’s tire maintenance to extend its
longevity. Tires are not cheap, and we want to help you keep up with your tire health at Grand
Garage. We can rotate your tires at every oil change service, check your tire pressure, correct
your wheel alignment, and more! Let us help you ensure that your tires wear evenly and safely
on the open road.

If you are looking for quality and dependable tire services and repairs in Escondido, CA, we
invite you to bring your car to the experts at Grand Garage today! Feel free to give our team a
call or schedule an appointment online.

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